How did Keto Garden bloom into existence?

From home-makers to serial entrepreneurs, everybody wanted a slice of the trending Ketogenic diet. A revolutionary diet with promising health benefits, the Keto diet phenomena brought with it a refreshing opportunity. And we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. From collating data to penning down the struggles & insights of those who took the first step, the idea of Keto Garden mushroomed.

This idea of a community-driven Ketogenic Diet meals subscription platform was floated. With the aim of developing a conscious community of Ketogenic Diet followers and experts, the saplings of Keto Garden was sown. The idea further bloomed when, after months of research, experimentations & creation under supervised mentorship brought the idea of keto Garden to life. Recipes were curated, meal plans were created, and subscription models were edited. All this and more made Keto Garden see the light of the day.

Keto Garden has been brought to life to deliver fresh & wholesome Keto Diet meals at your doorstep. With expert-curated meal plans and unmatchable delivery experience, Keto Garden promises to be hand-in-glove with you in your Keto Diet journey. Subscribe to delicious Keto Diet meals and live the Keto life!